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Kalaco Solutions provide professional web design that are search engine friendly, SEO, Social Media Marketing as well as other advertising services to help your business get found on the web.

Kalaco provides online marketing solutions to increase the visibility of your business to help it achieve success.

Online Marketing Services

If you want your website to succeed it must cater to the needs of your most important online asset

Your Customer!

Contact Kalaco for your web site and online marketing for your business. Kalaco is here to work with you to help your business achieve success.

Web Site Design

Kalaco builds professional business websites that are search engine friendly – meaning we build sites with today’s search engine protocols in mind.

Search Optimization

An optimized site fares better in search results and helps search engines understand what your site is about to allow more customers find you.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media has grown to become a powerful marketing tool – and Kalaco can help you take advantage of this.

Marketing Solutions to Help Your Business Succeed

Do you know if your business is being found online?  No? Maybe? Don’t know? There’s one sure way to know – KALACO!

Kalaco provides Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing for businesses. These services in turn can help businesses get found on the web and in turn increases the chances of the businesses being successful. Having a professionally designed website is essential if you want your business to compete online. It acts as your company’s storefront, lends credibility and establishes you as a real, “we mean business” company.

A web site along with our other online marketing services helps gets your business out to your prospective customers.

Why Choose Kalaco Solutions?

22+ years of experience.

Professional web site creation WITH the finishing touches to put the best foot forward for your business to increase its credibility.

Experienced SEO professional – Kalaco builds professional business websites that are search engine friendly to help your business get found online.

Give Karen Lagrange Cox with Kalaco a call at (337) 366-0479 to schedule a time to discuss how Kalaco’s services can create more visibility for your business.

Locally owned and operated. Kalaco is here for you.

Why have a Web Site and Online Marketing?

In today’s world if your business isn’t online, it doesn’t exist for searchers.

Having a web site is the foundation for your business’ online presence.

A professional looking web site lends credibility and trustworthiness for your business.

Can sell products and services thru an eCommerce web site.

Online marketing is like signs leading potential customers to your business.

Helps local consumers as well as travelers find your business.

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Unlock the power and potential of your website with expert, user-friendly website design.

Whether you want to sell more of your products or services online, get more exposure for your organization or enhance your credibility, the quality of your website design can make the difference between your organization’s success or failure.

Why? Anyone who uses the Internet to shop, research or just browse around has experienced the frustration associated with poorly thought out website design – inconsistent navigation, hard to read type, vivid background colors and distracting images that load slowly and all but crash your browser. Sure, some websites look nice but most fail miserably in their primary purpose: Providing visitors with easy to find, useful, up-to-date information that encourages them to act.

If you want your website to succeed it must cater to the needs of your most important online asset – your customer.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Kalaco Solutions knows a thing or two about designing clear, consistent, user-friendly websites that get the job done.

How? Kalaco’s expertise in creating logical, aesthetically pleasing sites that serve the user. In other words, Kalaco approaches your website design from your visitor’s point of view, not the other way around.