Six Reasons why Your Website Should be Upgraded

Progression happens. The Internet is ever evolving; search engines like Google, Bing and other search engines continually make changes and improvements. Don’t let your web site stay in a time warp. Get your web site upgraded to today’s standards. Once your web site is upgraded and updated, ensure it stays updated for security, search engines and mobile effectiveness. Waiting too long for a site upgrade may cause your site to break due to it not keeping up with the advancements of web browsers as well as other factors. Reasons to upgrade your web site and keep it updated:
  1. Security – keeping up with security can help prevent hackers from getting into your web site and help keep spyware and viruses out. SSL certificates are also part of site security.
    • Google marks a site as being not secure if it doesn’t have an SSL.
  2. Mobile-Friendly (Responsive) Site – mobile users continue to rise; more and more people are using their mobile devices to search and view the web ... including your web site. If your site is not mobile friendly and hard to use on their devices, visitors will immediately leave your web site and can cause you to lose business.
    • Google penalizes a web site if it is not mobile friendly.
  3. Speed – if your site is loading slowly, potential visitors won’t stick around for your site to load.
  4. Appeal – your web site represents you and your business. If your web site is old and unflattering, it can reflect negatively on your business. Get a fresh design.
  5. Content – is your content old and stale? Get fresh well written content that provides information about your business, products and services.
  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – want your web site to be found in search results? Search engines, i.e. Google and Bing, change their algorithm often and therefore it is important for your web site to keep up with search engines changes. SEO along with a good web design provides a good foundation for your web site and will help it be found by search engines.
Just as your car needs gas, oil changes and maintenance to work properly, your web site needs upkeep too. Call us at (337) 366-0479 today to discuss your web site needs.

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