Benefits of Facebook Business Page

When setting up your business Facebook page, utilize a Facebook BUSINESS page; do not use a personal profile for your business (page utilizes Likes; profile has Friends)

Facebook business pages should be categorized (local business, corporation, organization, musician, etc) correctly for maximum benefit.


  • it’s Free!
  • quickly indexed by search engines.
  • engage with your audience (clients and potential clients).
  • alert fans instantly of special offers, events, discounts, etc.
  • ask for feedback from fans.
  • steer fans to your web site.
  • share opinions as your business.
  • collect testimonials and reviews.
  • view page statistics thru your page’s Insights.
  • call to Action tab.
  • check-In feature.

Timeline Posts on Business Page

  • promote your products / services via posts.
  • share photos and videos.
  • schedule future posts.
  • coordinate web site blog posts and Facebook posts steering fans to your web site.

Affordable Advertising

  • affordable fees for ads / boost posts,
  • targeted advertising to specific audiences such as geographic areas, gender, age, etc.
  • to prevent spam, Facebook has a 20% text rule regarding the amount of text on an image for ads/boosting posts.

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