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Who Owns YOUR Website?

You would think you are the owner of your website, but do you own your website? You may be surprised to learn you may not actually have ownership of your own website.

When presented with a proposal/contract for YOUR website, be sure to check the Terms of Ownership before signing. If nothing is stated in the proposal/contract be sure to ask the web design firm about ownership of the website.

It is customary for the web design firm to own it until the final payment has been made. Once it is paid, it should be YOUR website.

Issues with Non-Ownership

If ownership is not yours, you could be stuck with that web design firm unless you have another website built by a different web design firm which gives you ownership of your own website.

Without ownership of your website it is more like you are renting your website. You may also be subjected to high site update fees and long wait time for your requested updates to be completed.

Full admin access to your website may not be given to you which impairs the ability to move your website to another web host or web design firm. This is particularly detrimental if you are unhappy with your current web design company. To leave the web design firm you may need to have a new site built. Also, the do-it-yourself web design platforms usually can’t be moved to another platform.

Just imagine if …. you paid a contractor to build your home, then to have the contractor advise you that you do not own your home! Well for most of us, a financial institution “owns” our home … until it is paid for, then is released to you. The same should be done for YOUR website.

At Kalaco, once the final payment is made for creating your website, you become the owner of your website.

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