• Client Privacy & Security

  • WordPress Plugins & Database Updates

    IMPORTANT! To help keep your web site secure, it is recommended your WordPress Plugins and Database are updated on web site regularly. Updates can be done by you, your Web Host (client would need to check with their web host if they do this) or by Kalaco Solutions.

    Kalaco Solutions annual fee is $125 per year to do these updates monthly.


    Your WordPress site login (and any of your other online accounts) should be one that includes:

    • special characters
    • lowercase and uppercase letters
    • at least 12 characters in length
    • do not use family members names, birthdates, anniversary date, etc.

    Kalaco Solutions may store logins provided by Client and/or setup for Client by Kalaco Solutions in a password protected spreadsheet on DropBox and is backed up to Google Drive and One Drive.

    If needed, Kalaco Solutions may share logins with others, i.e. web hosts, theme developers, etc when needed to fix/problem shoot site issues, for site setup, etc.

    Credit Card / Payment Processing

    Kalaco Solutions LLC uses third party credit card processing - QuickBooks and PayPal. Payments received by clients ate thru those payment/merchant providers and are not thru payment processing that is owned/operated/run by Kalaco Solutions LLC. Your payment information is not stored on Kalaco Solutions computer(s), cloud accounts, etc.

    Client Contact Information

    Your contact information, i.e. including email address, phone numbers, address, etc, is stored in Kalaco’s email account, in QuickBooks, Constant Contact (newsletters), client documents, etc. Your contact information is not sold to third parties, however may be shared with third party providers (web host, referrals, etc) for the purpose of getting account(s) setup, troubleshooting, etc.

    Email Encryption

    Emails that contain login info or other sensitive/private information will be encrypted by Virtru to help protect your information.

  • Last updated 2017.08.03
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