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Genealogy Web Design

Web Design for Genealogy Societies, Family Trees and more!

Along with my love for creating web sites is my love for genealogy, therefore available to create a web site for your genealogy society or for your family tree.

Once the site is setup, we can provide training to you to maintain the web site or we can maintain it for you.

Researching family lines gives me an appreciation for what many of my ancestors went through in their time, helps me learn who my family is, see who I or my children may look like and gives me information for more than their name, date of birth and date of death. They are who I am part of and in my learning about them, pay homage to them.

Get in touch with me, Karen, at Kalaco Solutions to get it setup for you.


These are some examples of genealogy related sites Kalaco has setup:

Family Tree Website


Family Information Web Site