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Do you have a Lafayette, LA or Longmont, CO area business that needs a professional-looking, responsive and mobile-friendly website – or need a website re-design? Having a professional, functional website is essential if you want your business to compete online. It acts as your company’s storefront, lends credibility and establishes you as a real, “we mean business” company.

That’s exactly what our firm, Kalaco Solutions, offers you — a website that gets your business found online and works to help your company succeed.

At Kalaco we pay attention to the details to develop your website the right way – with functionality and the professional image all businesses need to compete and succeed online. We incorporate basic search engine friendliness for your website so it can be found throughout the world wide web; maintain your brand identity; use inviting colors and images; and incorporate usability to make your site easy for your visitors to use. The result is a professional, user-friendly website that’s easily found by your customers and potential customers.

Kalaco specializes in setting up websites using the WordPress platform while using beautiful, mobile-friendly themes – all at affordable prices. How does using WordPress help? Using WordPress minimizes the time and expense by using pre-coded WordPress themes, rather than creating a costly custom-built website.

Website Development that Fits Your Budget

At Kalaco we understand that many new, emerging or small companies have limited funds that can put the costs of professional website development out of reach. That’s why we’ve made it affordable for you to have a professional, aesthetically pleasing, accessible, easy-to-use website without blowing a huge chunk of your marketing budget. There is no need to break the bank.

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