• Medical Services Web Design

  • Kalaco Solutions provides medical entities in the Lafayette, LA area with professional web design services,

    Kalaco is a professional web development company located in the Lafayette area that also provides Internet marketing services to help your web site reach your target audience.

    Our Internet marketing services include:

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Local Search Marketing (LSM)
    • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

    We can also provide your company with marketing collateral such as business cards, logos, brochures, letterhead and more.

  • Ready to Get Started? Give Kalaco a Call!

    Give us a call (337) 366-0479 for a consultation with our Internet Marketer, Karen Lagrange Cox. Karen has more than 15 years experience under her belt in Internet marketing and website services; she can optimize your web site to be useful to your site visitors AND be found in online searches. Getting your business online is easy and affordable!